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Take part in express polls! The results will be taken into account in political, economic and business spheres.

Get bonuses for the completed polls and use them for your mobile phone connection and Internet.

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Fast and Easy

The polls take no more than 5-10 minutes. Download the app and answer the questions - any time, any place.


Your opinion will be taken into account during important for country and business decisions.


The polls are anonymous. The results are used only in generalized perspective.


Couple of polls per month will let you cover mobile phone bills.

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All the polls are various and connected to interesting spheres of life. Medicine, advertising, social issues – Gradus has a topic for everyone.


More about Gradus

Gradus – is a mobile application for conducting express polls. It was created in 2019 in cooperation with Kyiv School of Economics and Corestone Group.

Our aim is to collect data on public opinion regarding important issues in fast and convenient way.

How it works?

Users download the app to their smartphones, fill in information about themselves and receive one verification call. After that polls appear in the app. For the completing the polls users receive bonuses. At the end of each month, they are transferred to Ukrainian hryvnias on their mobile phone account.

Some of the polls are conducting without bonuses as far as their aim is to get insights about Ukrainian society. The results of such polls appear on our web-site.

More questions

What kind of polls?

The polls in Gradus are very diverse. They might relate to public opinion on recent issues or the habit to fasten car seatbelts; politicians’ rankings or TV commercials. The most important thing is your opinion.

How are survey results used?

The clients have hypothesizes. They can be proven thanks to the data from Gradus polls. By participating in polls, you help with making important decisions in politics, social sphere and business. This helps to take into account interests and opinions of Ukrainians as much as possible. You can see examples of the polls

How my personal data is used? Who will find out my exact answers?

All the polls are anonymous. Users’ verification is needed only to confirm that the user exists. This assures that the data received from the polls is true as opposed to systems in which mass forms filling is possible without real respondents participating. It is absolutely impossible to establish a connection between the set of answers and the person who gave those answers. Learn more about our privacy policy

Install Gradus application

from AppStore or Google Play


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