Ukrainians began to trust each other more during the war

July 2022
63% of Ukrainians say they trust people in general

Currently, 63% of Ukrainians say they trust people in general, while in October 2021 their number was 45%. This is evidenced by the data of a new survey by Gradus Research, dedicated to the level of trust in Ukrainian society during the war.

The number of Ukrainians who trust the residents of their locality doubled (increased from 35% to 62%). Two-thirds of citizens (67%) trust neighbors and people living nearby. And as many as 80% of the respondents declare that they trust their acquaintances.

trust level in Ukraine

Data on the high involvement of Ukrainians in helping their fellow citizens, the army, and the state testify to the growing level of trust in society. 43% of respondents responded to calls for help on social networks, 39% transferred money to charitable funds, another third of citizens provided money and help to strangers.

"Ukrainian society is consolidating, and the growing level of trust allows Ukrainians to coordinate more easily, donate to the accounts of strangers, and ask for help not only from people from their circle of friends. And the most important thing is the ability to solve problems of national significance on a "person-to-person" level. Without trust, all of this would be impossible," comments Evgeniya Bliznyuk, sociologist, Founder& CEO of Gradus Research.

Another evidence of high trust among Ukrainians is the respondents' perception of sources of help to temporary migrants. According to the interviewees, as much as 75% of the help forced migrants in Ukraine received from people — volunteer organizations and citizens.

The survey was conducted by Gradus Research company by self-filling the questionnaire in the mobile application. The Gradus online panel displays the population structure of cities with more than 50,000 residents aged 18-60 by gender, age, settlement size, and region. Survey period: June 15-16, 2022, number of respondents: 1000.

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