Migration Intentions of Ukrainians in Ukraine and Abroad

July 2024
Research of Migration Intentions of Ukrainians in Ukraine and Abroad

A study on the migration intentions of Ukrainians in Ukraine showed that 41% of respondents would like to leave the country if given the opportunity. Among them, the highest desire to leave is observed in respondents with migration experience — those who have left their place of permanent residence (61%) or have left but returned (58%).

The highest migration activity is seen among residents of the eastern region and Kyiv. Factors driving people to leave include safety concerns, the threat of regional occupation, and uncertainty about the future of their children in Ukraine, which ranks fourth among the reasons. This factor is currently more important than financial hardship.

Ukrainians abroad adapt differently. 30% believe they have already adapted to the host country, with the highest rate in Germany (34%). 64% reported not having adapted to the new country.

Satisfaction with the host country is high across all European countries (EU). The intention to return is held by 55% of respondents, which has significantly decreased compared to the beginning of the war, when this figure reached 73-75%.

More data is available in the report. You can download the report with infographics through the form below.

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