Wartime survey of Ukrainian society / sixth wave

August 2022
80% of Ukrainians are ready to work outside their profession

80% of Ukrainians are ready to work outside their profession, a new survey by Gradus Research says

The vast majority of Ukrainians (80%), who are currently looking for a job, are ready to work outside their profession in case it is impossible to get a job by their degree. These are the results of the sixth wave of a national wartime survey conducted by Gradus Research.

In general, there is a positive trend in the number of employed people — if in April 32% of respondents reported having a job, now 39% of them are. At the same time, the percentage of those who have a job, but do not work, is decreasing: at the beginning of the war, 38% of respondents stated this situation, while now — only 15%.

The dynamics of the growth of labour activity is also manifested in the issue of salary — 32% receive it and are sure that they will receive it in the future, while during the last wave of the Gradus Research survey in May, 26% of Ukrainians declared this.

The need for a stable source of income is also visible in what kind of help citizens expect from the state — 56% believe that it should provide people with paid work, while at the end of May this indicator was at the level of 49%. This expectation ranks 3rd after humanitarian aid (70%) and population evacuation from hot spots of hostilities (65%).

It is impressive that our fellow citizens demonstrate such an active attitude despite fatigue, which currently quite naturally took the first place among other conditions (49%). Hope and tension are followed by a small margin — these states were noted by 41% of respondents. And according to the results of the previous waves of the survey in the spring of 2022, the majority of citizens named anger as their main emotion. However, even now, anger remains one of the leading emotions among men.

"In the results of several recent surveys, we see clear markers that Ukrainians are strong and adaptable, and this is manifested both at the personal level and at the business level. Currently, companies are gradually resuming work, and we hope to see in the coming months how the number of employed Ukrainians continues to grow, and the faith in Ukraine's victory in the war will not fade, despite the prevailing fatigue," comments Evgeniya Bliznyuk, CEO & Founder of Gradus Research.

The confidence of our compatriots in the fact that Ukraine will repel Russia's offensive remains consistently high (81%), the belief that after the war our state will become stronger (69%), as well as trust in state institutions: the Armed Forces (65%), the President of Ukraine (48%) and volunteer organizations (34%).

The survey also showed that currently, more citizens (56%) communicate in Ukrainian in everyday life than before the start of the full-scale war (43%).

As part of the "Gradus of Society during the War" project, Gradus Research conducted six waves of research on the moods of Ukrainians during the war: the first — February 28 - March 1, the second — March 8, the third — March 28, the fourth — April 20, the fifth — 23 May and the sixth — July 28-30, 2022. In the sixth wave, 1,030 citizens of Ukraine at the age of 18-60 living in cities with a population of 50,000+ filled out the questionnaire in a special mobile application.

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