Gradus AdSpot Benchmarks

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Improve Communication, Minimize Risks: Optimize Video Advertising Effectiveness with Gradus AdSpot Benchmarks

Gradus AdSpot Benchmarks is an efficient and flexible solution for testing and optimizing television, digital, and static video advertising, taking into account the new reality:

  • Find out if your creative works, whether the advertising will deliver the expected business results, by testing the idea and its implementation.
  • Understand how the target audience will react to specific messages to enhance the content of the advertising video, convey the main message more effectively, and stimulate purchases more efficiently.
  • Avoid reputational risks by avoiding inappropriate use of context and symbols in your communications.

We check:

  • Video testing: audio series, video series;
  • The general ad’s attractiveness in the ad clutter;
  • Understanding the video’s main message by the target audience;
  • Comparison to category benchmarks;
  • Potential to cut through the clutter (optional)

You get:

  • The general perception of your ad;
  • Strong and weak ad elements;
  • Potential to promote your brand/service and have a positive impact on its image;
  • Potential to compete with other market players

Quick and high-quality results within 3 days after providing materials for testing.

Unique benchmarks: In 2023, we tested 300 commercials among 5000+ respondents aged 18-60, residing in cities with a population of 50,000+, as well as among 83 experts. We prepared new, relevant benchmarks for 20 categories.

Improve quantitative (View-through rate, Cost per Completed view, Completion rate, Conversion rate, and ROI) and brand metrics (Intent to purchase, Brand awareness) to measure the effectiveness of your video advertising now.

Contact us to learn more about how Gradus AdSpot Benchmarks can help evaluate, analyze reactions, and improve your business advertising to create the most effective creatives without reputational risks.