Gradus Segmentation Study

Gradus HR Scan

Segmentation research allows the general public or consumers of a category / brand to be divided into specific behavioral segments to develop effective strategies of interaction, influence and communication.

We check:

  • One of two main segmentations types:
  1. Segmentation of consumers, when we extract types of consumers based on their demographic, psychographic, or behavioral characteristics;
  2. Segmentation of consumption occasions, when we identify prevailing consumption occasions on the market;
  • Identification of the main factors influencing the behavior and motivation of target groups;
  • Analysis of the obtained segments and search for the insights for the effective interaction with them.

You get:

  • Segmentation of consumers:
  1. understanding of consumers’ types that are present on the market; §core segment for your brand:
  2. its pain points and drivers
  3. convey stronger marketing messages for the target segment
  • Segmentation of consumption occasions:
  1. key needs that drive consumption or usage and how to use them in order to further enhancing of brand communication
  2. opportunities in segments, possible uncovered by competitors use-cases